Využití Jednoosých robotů

Clean, dustproof, dripproof, high-speed conveying unit

Transfer and conveyance in the clean environment.

Transfer and conveyance in the harsh environment.


  • Belt drive type robot complying with cleanliness requirement.
  • With a large load weight capacity, it is optimum for conveying panels.
  • Provided with specifications for cleanliness and applicable to long stroke.
  • With the load weight capacity and moment permissible value at high level, it is applicable to the cartesian combination.
  • Equivalent to B10 ( YAMAHA model ) .

Contact stopper height change unit

Change of stopper height in multiple number of steps.


  • The stop position for the stopper block is positioned by the cylinder type robot.
  • It is possible to make set-up done by single touch operation or automatically.

Screw tightening device

Tightening screws arranged on a straight line.



  • High rigidity with a support axis added.
  • Pitch selectable freely in the moving axis direction.

Device to shift workpiece in width direction

Positioning of workpieces flowing on the conveyor.


  • Arrangement of multiple number of compact robots.
  • Pulse string control from the upper controller.

Press-fitting device

Workpieces are press-fitted in holes arranged on a straight line.



  • Highly rigid frame.
  • Applicable to work positions arranged linearly.

O-ring fitting device

Handling workpieces to assembly units arranged on a straight line.



  • Assembly jigs arranged on a straight line under the single axis robot.