Využití Kartézských robotů

Conveyor ( 2 parts simultaneously )

Conveyance with high efficiency using double arms.


  • With 2 Z axes made available by using Cartesian XZ, reduction of both of the total tact time and installation space is intended.
  • Customization only possible because a highly rigid frame and guide are used.

Application of adhesive agent

Application of adhesive agent within a large size liquid crystal surface processing unit.


  • Capable of handling large size workpieces.
  • Also applicable to cutting work with a cutter, surface check with a camera, etc.

IC palletizing within the unit

ICs are taken out of the pallet and parts are transferred to the specified place by the XYZ Cartesian robot.

Application as a part of the machine used in the process where a die is attached to the circuit board using thermocompression bonding in the manufacture of semi-conductors.


  • Using the RCX controller, it is possible to use the result of the operation based on variables during palletizing.
  • The speed of both X and Y axes is 1875mm / sec which is 1.5 times as fast as the conventional model ( t series ) .

Tester ( 2 Cartesian robots controlled simultaneously )

Use as a tester in the post-process of manufacturing electronic parts.


  • 2 units of SXYx are operated using 1 unit of RCX144 and with settings for 2 robots.
  • The vertical traveling accuracy of XY axes of both 2 units of SXYx is within +/- 0.05mm.


Application of sealant to mating faces of the case.


  • Three dimensional application using 3 axes cartesian robot.
  • Cartesian robot incorporated with special purpose machine.

Transfer and stacking device within the unit

Used in the sheet metal processing unit.


  • X1 and X2 axes are superposed for space efficiency.
  • The unit layout is easy even for the doubled stroke.


Application of adhesive agent to drum.


  • The reinforced R axis makes three dimensional interpolation action + R action possible.
  • As each axis is highly rigid, it can easily cope with harsh conditions of such as moving arm, etc. ( at 100mm / sec )

Insertion unit ( Tare weight cancellation using moving Z + air balancer )

Heavy workpiece inserted in the pallet, etc.

Heavy workpiece before processing set in the processing machine.


  • Z axis moving type: The heavy workpiece is cancelled by the air balancer and moved up and down.
Assembler & tester base machine ( Simultaneous operation at upper and lower levels )

Tester ( upper and lower probes, camera with lighting ) .

Precision spot welding machine

Simultaneous assembly at upper and lower levels ( caulking parts, screw tightening ).


  • Simultaneous control of 2 cartesian robots.
  • Levelness of upper and lower robots assured ( custom specification ) .