Využití Linearních robotů

Check camera moving unit

Checking with moving camera.


  • Multi-point check with a camera.
  • Drawing created with line sensor and moving axes.

  • Little variation in speed.
  • Compact size.

Ink jet printer

Ink jet feeding mechanism.


  • No variation in the speed of movement.
  • Capable of coping with a request for high speed. ( Max. 2,500 / sec )
  • High acceleration capacity and larger uniform speed section available.

Chip mounter

Bonding and chip mounting on circuit board.

Electronic part mounting process.



  • Double carrier structure enabled compact size.
  • Layout design is easy as different workpieces can be carried onto the same axis.
  • Clean specification requirement can be coped with easily.

Check device

Handling to multiple number of check devices.


  • 2 heads can be installed to the same axis compactly.
  • High speed operation.

Open / close device

Wide open/close of shutter.


  • It is possible to drive a work with a large width ( shutter ) using the dual drive method.
  • Various advantages ( such as center layout, higher open / close speed, sharing of effective stroke ) are available due to adoption of the double carrier mechanism.
  • Driving with the dual drive mechanism is available by placing 2 units of double carrier phasers in parallel and fixing them with sliders respectively.
  • RCX143 can control 4 axes in all.